Iconic chef and food events shots, photography for food seminars, food award  ceremonies, social and charity fund raisers and for your PR; creating a legacy of your food industry event and helping  you with your marketing. Providing professional food event photography that will help secure you sponsors and new clients, to help you to earn money from your professional photos.

I've been told that my photography and videos really capture your personality, helping to sell your food event, products and food. Photos and videos that will help you to show your prospective clients, your business in the best light, encouraging them to work with you.

1- Your image is everything. I capture you and your businesses essence creating iconic shots and video to strengthen your brand.

2- Vibrant, exciting shots create a legacy of your food event to help you secure sponsors & new clients                     

3- My delicious mouthwatering food shots sell your food for you and show your products in their best light helping you sell on line or from your packaging. 


 Please Email: dianna@worldvisionphotos.co.uk

Please call: 0771 888 1768 - 01454 430363 - 0208 580 1652



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