Extract from Chief Seattle´'s speech to the American Congress,1854:

This we know.
The Earth does not belong to man.
Man belongs to the earth.
All things are connected, like blood which connects one family.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth.
Man did not weave the web of life, and he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

My Poems written about 15 years ago.


Crystallised stars glistening softly in the morning sun
Slowly she crunches past
Her mind full of haunted childrens eyes
There, the sun beats hot and hard
They won't be feeling the cold
Only the emptiness of despair

She picks up a maple leaf
Studying its silver sparkling veins
Desperate to help, she racks her brains
One emaciated child hiding behind his mothers skirt
Remains with her day and night

The biting cold comforting her conscience
Fingers numb yet heart warm with love
To see again sparkling eyes and shiny smiles
Laughter, children playing in the orange dust
Empty eyes suddenly twinkling bright
Let's learn how to love; not to fight


As I focus my lens
I watch the spider on her glistening web,
dew drops sparkling in the pale dawn light,
greys, turning pink and then deep red
The spider lays in wait

New buds are breaking open the barks stretched skin
Trees blackened by winter, coming alive again.
Softly, a squirrel darts across the clearing by the lake
The trees bathed in morning light,
dappled leaves, shining bright.
Spring is here once again!

Oblivion, is that what we want  ?

Everyone is bustling and buzzing about
No one has the time to think
Endlessly we hurl towards our own oblivion
Hurricanes, cyclones, tidal waves
When will it end?

Green turns to concrete slabs
Rivers to molten blood
Sea the colour of mud
Yet still the sky gold and red at dusk
Perhaps its not too late

Between the grey paving stones
Pale shafts of green push their way through
Concrete reluctantly conceding to persistent green
Grey towers marching on forests fine

World,  total sphere of grey blood
No more water trickling down streams from mountain tops above
Just endless rows of blind grey blocks

Earth so fine so rich
Textures pure and clear
Do something soon
Don't want the end to be near


What society this ?
When babies,  to babes are born
Lost souls searching for love
Answers only found in drugs
Hopelessness, despondency reigns

Others grappling up the ladder
Not caring for those they crush 
Cold success driving them on
Money and greed their only lust

Blinkered lives they lead,
The sheep of this country
Flocking blindly to their slaughter
Monotony continues

Some fight hard to save this earth we abuse
Endlessly they battle against brick walls
Bulldozers tearing at sacred roots
Tarmac terror devouring the World
Sea turned to radioactive slime
Rivers and lakes to molten blood
Teach our children our foolish mistakes
With love and caring
Families reunited
Hope emerges once again

Education, lessons learnt
Lone success, such an empty victory
Share now your pain and hope

Authority so austere, so blind
Chopping the dead leaves of society
Instead of nurturing it's roots

Let dull grey, turn to green
Brown slime, to crystal blue
Radioactive haze, to pure sunlight
One mission only is there to fight


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